Family: The Madeo Food Company was founded thanks to the intuition and passion of a young Calabrian businessman, Ernesto Madeo, who established the first pig farm together with his family in 1984. After 30 years of business, the tradition has stayed strong thanks to the arrival of the second generation.

Staff: The Madeo family consists of about 100 people who are working together with great zeal and passion. The whole credibility and future of the company lies in their expert hands and their intuition.

Location: The care, safety and development of the territory represent the real wealth of the Madeo Food Company.

Healthiness and Tradition: The secret of Madeo’s product quality is the use of healthy raw materials, also respecting the ancient local traditions and the strong will to enhance them by adding, for example, a pinch of chili.

Sustainability and Innovation: The local landscape is strongly protected by using the newest available technologies for the most efficient use of energy resources and the benefit of renewable energy sources (solar cells and biogas).

Traceability: Everything is produced exclusively within the food chain. The origin of all used raw materials and every stage of the manufacturing process is monitored and documented.